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Organise your recipes to suit you

Keep your digital recipe book in top shape and avoid the hunt with our search and filter tools.

Tags. Categorise your recipes and sub-filter with combinations. Add some emojis too 😋

Search & Filter. Find recipes using keywords, name, source, or with leftovers in your fridge!

Link & Pin. Pin your active recipes for quick access & link related dishes.

Notes & nutrition. Additional text fields for you to add extra recipe info with USDA nutrition display.

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Leftover ingredients

What's in my fridge?

Don't fancy going to the shops? Enter ingredients you want to include and exclude in your search and CookBook will show what you can make from your recipes!

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Edit & customise

Here are a few of our top tools for customising your CookBook

Edit recipes

Edit your recipes to suit you, your tastes and dietary needs.


More mouths to feed? Scale recipes up or down to adjust the ingredients.


Seamlessly convert ingredients to US, Imperial or Metric measures.


Save a fave and get to them quickly when you need to hit that craving.


Add star ratings to your recipes to remember what's hot and what's not!

Multiple photos

Add photos to each recipe step to create visual directions.