Plan, shop
& cook

Plan your meals, hit the shops, then get busy in the kitchen!

Meal Planner

Meal planning made simple

Take the hassle out of meal planning with the powerful planner. Your planner changes with you.

Day, week & month. Organise your meals and plan either daily, weekly or monthly.

Copy, move & edit. Move your week around as it changes, edit your meal or meal slot.

Customise & scale. Adjust servings and make your planner yours with note entries for the no cook takeaway nights!

Print & share. Print your meal planner and pin into the fridge for the whole family to see.


Smart shopping lists

Make the weekly shop seamless. Create new interactive shopping lists directly or from your planned meals.

Interactive. Strike off or delete items as you shop, edit items & swap aisles.

Custom Extra Items. Add your weekly staples to your list (don't forget the loo roll!).

AI Merge. Combine ingredients with our smart AI product parsing and merging.

Sync, Export & Print. Live sync across devices, export your shopping list or print to PDF.

2 white phones with shopping lists displayed
Surprise Me

Mix it up with 'Surprise Me'

Tired of the daily dinner dilemma? Let our "Surprise Me" feature suggest a delicious recipe to spice up your meal planning.


Your kitchen cooking companion

Transforming cooking into a simpler, cleaner and stress-free affair with smart, intuitive features.

Cooking Mode. Intuitive cooking with adjustable font size & voice prompts & narration.

Progress Tracking. Keep track off your progress whilst cooking by crossing out and hiding completed ingredients and steps.

Scaling. More mouths to feed? Scale recipes up or down to adjust the ingredients quickly.

Timers & Temps. Automatically detect & create timers from your recipes and convert temperatures between measures.